LPSC 2014 Abstracts

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Author(s) Abstract # Title Link Talk/Poster Comments
Williams, Bell, Watters, Banks, Robinson #2684 Timing and Controls of Tectonic Deformation in Mare Frigoris Abstract Poster Talk/Poster TBD
Lai, Horgan, Bell #2544 Mineralogical Assessment of Volcanic Edifices on Mars Using Near- and Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing PDF Poster TBD
Bennett, Bell #1539 A Global Survey of Central Mounds in Large Martian Craters: Implications for Paleolakes PDF Talk/Poster TBD
Edgar, et al. #1648 A Fluvial Sandbody on Mars: Reconstruction of the Shaler Outcrop, Gale Crater, Mars PDF Talk/Poster TBD