AGU 2013 Abstracts

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Author(s) Abstract # Title Link Talk/Poster Comments
Bell, MSL Science Team Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover initial Mastcam geomorphologic and multispectral characterization of the Gale crater field site PDF ? ?
Williams, Bell, Christensen, Farmer Evidence for an Explosive Origin of Central Pit Craters on Mars Abstract Powerpoint Talk ?
Edgar, MSL Science Team Sedimentary petrography and facies analysis at the Shaler Outcrop, Gale Crater, Mars PDF ? ?
Wellington, Bell Three-and-a-Half Mars Years of Surface Albedo Changes Observed by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter MARCI Investigation Abstract Poster
Lai, Horgan, Bell Near and Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing of Bedrock and Sand in Dust-Covered Regions on Mars: Assessing Bedrock Mineralogy Through “Windows” in the Dust PDF ? ?